The Cryogenic ISO Tank Containers are developed by professionals for professionals. As Karbonsan, we provide flexibility through standardisation. You get shorter manufacture and delivery times by means of modular construction and consistent quality, whether 1 unit or 100.

This type of tank has been developed as part of containerization during seventies and eighties. As a multipurpose option, the ISO Tank Containers have been mostly designed with a standard 20ft and 40ft container for the safe storage and transport of refrigerated liquefied air gases.
304/304LN stainless steel is preferred as the inner vessel material whereas carbon steel and 304 Stainless is preferred for the outer vessel. Other materials are available upon request. Multi-compartment, specialized heating and cooling system configurations are available upon request.
Karbonsan offers a variety of frame designs such as ISO universal full frames and universal beam tanks with a wide choice of working pressure according to the application. We meet the increasing requirements of the gas industry and oil well services companies, with the best performances in the market.
Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon, Carbon Dioxide, and other cryogenic gases can use the same type of tank container which is typically up to 22 bars (higher is possible dependent on specification). As well as ISO-Tanks for bulk liquids, Karbonsan can provide custom-built tanks for transportation of liquefied gases such as LNG, LPG and refrigerant gases.
Our design experience and knowledge enable us to present our customers with quality-made, strong products and innovative solutions. Rigorous testing ensures Karbonsan tank containers to have a robust performance.
Karbonsan works hard to offer an extensive range of tank container capacities and frame types. The tank containers have approvals for road, rail and sea transport and hold ASME, US DOT, ADR, RID, IMO, CSC, UK DOT, UN portable tank T75 certificates. Design approvals may vary depending on options and country of operation. This tank can also be configured to accept cryogenic transfer pumps.
Karbonsan is a leading manufacturer of cryogenic tanks in Turkey.